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Information for Stall holders


The Ferntree Gully Road gate opens at 6:00 am and all stall tickets must be purchased at the ticket box. After you have purchased your stall ticket, proceed down the roadway towards the market and join the queue on the left hand side of the road. Stall allocation from this queue commences at approximately 8:00am.

Our staff will need to be advised of how many stalls you require and what you are selling. We then direct you to your stall. Once you have promptly unloaded your stock onto the stall, your vehicle must be removed from the market pavilion by 8:30am as this is when the market is open to the general public.


Regular STALLS

It is advised that you attend our market initially as a casual stall holder. After such time, we recommend that you discuss your interest in becoming a “regular” stall holder with the Market Managers. It really is a simple process and your Market Manager will show you how. One of the perks of becoming a regular stall holder is you have a reserved table position and you do not need to wait in the casual queue. However, to do this you must have the initial discussion with your Market Manager when you are a casual stall holder.


Stall presentation tips

  • We recommend bringing a tablecloth to cover your table, making it look more presentable. You should also bring a chair or stool as it can be a long day if you are standing up.
  • Clothes racks are a fantastic way of displaying clothing items and also great for creating extra space on your table.
  • If you place too many items on your table, it could look cluttered and customers may avoid your stall, so keep your items neat. You can keep boxes/bags under your table so that you can replace items on the table once you have sold them.
  • Do not overprice your items!! People come to the Market to pick up a bargain and feedback from past stallholders found that the more reasonable the price, the more they sold.
  • Make sure you bring along some plastic bags that you can use to put your items in when they are purchased by the customer.
  • Ensure that all items are visibly labelled with a price tag. This can be each item individually or in groups of items that are the same price.
  • Be approachable, smile and greet your customers. Something so simple can make a big difference in the amount of people who will approach your stall.
  • Click here to download a printable version of how to have a stall and market map.


Casual Stall Holders

Wednesday - $20.00

Sunday (Covered) - $28.00

Sunday (Outside) - $10.00


Regular Stall Holders

Wednesday - $16.00

Sunday (Covered) - $24.00

Sunday (Outside) - $10.00


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